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At Key Rehab Services Inc., our primary focus is to provide individualized, comprehensive rehabilitation support to assist injured individuals.

Key Rehab Services Inc. was established in 2006 by Jean Taylor, Kinesiologist and provides quality Case Management and Vocational Rehabilitation services.  Jean Taylor has been active in the Waterloo-Wellington area as a Case Manager specializing in Acquired Brain Injury and complex injury management over the past 20 years.  Over the past decade Key Rehab Services Inc. has developed a multidisciplinary team to meet all types of challenges to equip people to find the key to unlock doors to productivity in their work and play.  

Specialists in plaintiff motor vehicle accident management Key Rehab Services Inc. has been helping clients return to their community, schools and workplaces with their multidisciplinary services.  Providing assessment and rehabilitation for short term treatments or providing case management for the years after a life changing injury Key Rehab is able to serve clients through auto insurance, life health insurance, OHIP and fee for service.

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The team at Key Rehab Services Inc. works with a large network of services and clients within the rehabilitation field. For more information, please contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation. 


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