Case Management

Case Management is the coordination of services of behalf of an individual person who has sustained a catastrophic injury. Our team of brain injury and/or catastrophic injury specialists work with the injured individual as a part of a comprehensive multidisciplinary team including the insurer, the family and health care providers to assure cost effective quality of care in order to assist the client in unlocking doors to productivity and performance in coordination with their rehabilitation goals.


Case management services include:

  • Discharge planning
  • Liaison with hospital inpatient teams
  • Liaison with/forming a community based treatment team
  • Community and home reintegration
  • Return to work/school
  • Functional abilities evaluations


A Case Manager provides services related to the coordination of goods or services provided under the medical, rehabilitations benefit. The fees for Case Management services are NOT paid by the client, they are paid by the insurance company. An insured person who sustains an impairment as a result of a catastrophic accident has a choice of who they want to hire as a Case Manager.


A Case Manager is helpful in guiding the injured individual and their family through the long process in order to provide medical knowledge and emotional support to ensure the injured individual is well-positioned for a positive recovery in order to achieve as much as possible and a return to their usual activities of daily living.  

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