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What is the Purpose of a Neuropsychological Assessment?

Neuropsychological assessment provides a profile of an individual's cognitive strengths and weaknesses, which can be used for a variety of purposes. Detailing an individual's cognitive profile can assist with clarifying diagnosis which, in turn, can guide treatment decisions and recommendations. Neuropsychological assessment may also be used to establish a baseline measure of cognitive functioning, against which any potential future changes can be compared.

Often there are numerous potential factors that contribute to an individuals' cognitive difficulties.  For example, individuals may have a neurological and/or mental disorder but are also contending with other factors also known to impact cognition, such as poly substance use, developmental delay, acquired brain injury, and certain non brain-based disorders (e.g., vascular or autoimmune disorders).  Although rare to find one single contributing factor to cognitive decline or impairment, neuropsychological assessment is often helpful in determining which underlying factors are more or less responsible for the observed cognitive difficulties.  These issues become particularly important for clients, family caregivers, and support workers when developing treatment goals. That is, some of the limitations in ones' cognitive functioning may be transient and amenable to intervention, whereas others may be considered relatively static and typically not targeted in treatment.

What does a Neuropsychological Assessment involve?

A neuropsychological assessment evaluates an individual's cognitive (or thinking) skills, including intelligence, attention and concentration, problem-solving, memory, language, and visual spatial functioning.  Psychological functioning (e.g., emotional, personality) is also assessed as part of a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment.  At the completion of the assessment, clients receive verbal and written feedback of the assessment findings. Assuming clients' consent, we are also happy to meet with other individuals who may benefit from understanding the results of the assessment (e.g., family members, community support workers, group home or nursing home staff members).

Individuals who may benefit from Neuropsychological Assessment

  • Individuals who have sustained a traumatic brain injury (including concussion) and would like an objective, detailed assessment of the type and extent of changes in their cognitive functioning

  • Individuals who require an independent medical evaluation (IME)

  • Individuals requiring psychological, including cognitive testing, for purposes of determining eligibility for Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

  • Individuals experiencing difficulty with memory, attention, or other cognitive difficulties that interfere with work or school

  • Individuals with a mood, anxiety, or psychotic disorder that report or are observed to display cognitive difficulties

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