ODAT – Objective Data Analysis Tool


Collect and analyze objective client support data from your mobile device



Terms and Conditions

ODAT is the ideal App to allow front line support workers to collect data on a client’s activities, behaviours and independence levels on their mobile device in real time. This data is analyzed by ODAT to provide objective, reliable, daily, weekly, monthly or format specific reports for Regulated Health Practitioners, Personal Injury Lawyers, Educators or Insurers. Decision makers are able to review analyzed data tailored to inform decisions and improve outcomes of community-based services.

• Analyzed Data is presented in easy to understand summaries tailored to the report format(s) requested.

•  Reports available to support objective data for completion of legislation specific forms such as GOSE and/or Form 1 Assessment of Attendant Care in Ontario Auto Insurance Sector

• Track support workers’ interventions to evaluate effectiveness, identify behavioural triggers and assess level of independence.

• Data is searchable with ability to add notes, photographs or videos.

• Data is secure, private and confidential as well as GPS verifiable and reliable.

• Validates attendance and compliance. Ideally suited to manage PSWs, RSWs and all other community-based support workers.



Smart features that empower clients, community-based workers and decision makers. ODAT is individualized for each client and allows workers to add notes, comments and examples.

• Allows real time tracking on mobile devices that is more accurate and reliable than weekly summary notes.

• Provides intervention suggestions based on prior successful interventions to support workers in the field.

• Receives support worker feedback and notes in a convenient fashion on a mobile device.

• GPS confirmation of worker’s attendance and location in community.

• Smart analysis of data to provide notifications of uncharacteristic activities.

• Able to integrate with other technology such as Activity Trackers on watches.

• Allows Therapists to determine effectiveness of programs implemented in close to real time and provide adjustments during the intervention.

• To allow for smart adjustment to maximize positive outcomes.


Benefits to Decision Makers

Benefits to Support Worker

Benefits to Client

ODAT has significant benefits for decision makers responsible for authorizing services for client’s or assessing a client’s level of impairment or independence.

ODAT empowers your community-based staff providing real time data collection and ability to search interventions specific to the client.  

Simple login and easy to learn ODAT.

ODAT empowers your client by allowing tracking of progress and participation should they be able to utilize the information and/or enter data.  

  • Objective reliable data collected in the community with verifiable time and location markers.
  • Analysis demonstrating trends and changes from baseline.
  • Compliance with FSCO auditing requirements.
  • Ensures privacy and confidentiality of personal information by not housing data on staff’s mobile devices.
  • Analysis provides detailed frequency and duration data as well as percentage of support provided based on objective data which can be used to supplement the data collection and completion of the GOSE and/or the Form 1 Assessment of Attendant Care.
  • Ability to evaluate the effectiveness of services delivered by detecting areas for service improvement.
  • Easy access to clients’ personalized charting.
  • Mobile Application with security and privacy ensured.
  • Can remit session notes directly – no paper records.
  • Able to view analyzed reports to improve service delivery and demonstrate issues to decision makers.
  • Simple login and easy to learn ODAT.
  • Able to identify and input participation in therapeutic activities that facilitate rehabilitation.
  • Improved communication with therapists resulting in better outcomes.
  • Empowered to participate in rehabilitation.  
  • Engagement in problem solving and overcoming obstacles by seeing trends in analyzed data.


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