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Key Rehab Services Inc. offers community based Occupational Therapy Services.

We provide services to individuals of all ages with a variety of conditions including chronic pain, acquired brain injury, soft tissue and orthopedic injuries, and cognitive challenges. Occupational therapists work with clients to identify barriers to engaging in daily occupations. Occupations refers to anything that people do during the course of everyday life, such as taking care of yourself, managing your household, enjoying leisure activities, or going to work or school. Occupational therapists then consider the person, their environment, and their occupations to assist people to return to valued activities and maximize functional performance.

If your conditions or symptoms are preventing you from participating in occupations that you enjoy, an occupational therapist may be able to help you. Prior to beginning treatment, your occupational therapist will complete a thorough assessment to identify areas of decreased occupational performance as well as the performance components affecting these areas.

A few examples of possible occupational therapy treatments include:

  • Making recommendations for adaptive equipment or modifications to the environment to maximize the individual’s safety and ability to succeed
    • e.g. Recommending a raised toilet seat and shower bench for increased safety in the bathroom
    • e.g. Recommending kitchen gadgets to assist with a variety of deficits including poor grip strength, poor dexterity, or one-sided weakness
  • Assisting individuals with making time for the things that are important to them by providing strategies for fatigue management, pacing, planning, organization, and scheduling
    • e.g. Developing a system using a smartphone for tracking appointments and activities, including reminders to take rest breaks throughout the day
  • Developing strategies to compensate for an individuals’ deficits by doing tasks a different way
    • e.g. Washing dishes sitting down instead of standing up to compensate for decreased endurance
  • Providing activities to assist with development of a variety of skills
    • e.g. Playing board games to assist with the development of cognitive or fine motor skills

At Key Rehab Services Inc., we recognize that for some individuals, it is essential to receive service in a community environment such as within the home, school, or workplace. We are willing to travel to provide services that are best suited to your needs. We value a collaborative approach and are willing to work with the rest of your rehab team to provide coordinated services.

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