Objective Data Analysis Tool (ODAT)

Concussion Research

Key Rehab Services is currently in the process of developing an app called the Objective Data Analysis Tool or ODAT in short. As the name suggests the purpose of the app is to collect and analyze objective data that can then be used by experts to make evidence based decisions. The app is currently being piloted with individuals who have brain injuries; however its applications are endless.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Key Rehab Services provides concussion safety services to both the Kitchener Rangers and the University of Waterloo. Additionally, Key Rehab Services in conjunction with the University of Waterloo is developing tools to better assess concussions both on and off the field using portable technology. The technology allows the assessment of a multitude of motor and cognitive abilities (such as vision, memory, coordination, and reaction time) all from outside of any laboratory using evidence based, peer reviewed techniques. Thus far, the technology is being used to help guide return-to-play decision for the varsity athletes at the University of Waterloo.


















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