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Personal Care in your home
or in your community.

Our experienced support workers are ready to help.

Are you an injury survivor?
Are you getting the help you need?

We start by listening. Key Rehab understands that complex problems need creative solutions.

  • I want to see my culture represented on my team
  • I’m struggling with behaviour issues
  • I want people who speak my language
  • I want to drive again
  • I’m struggling with mental health/addictions
  • Do I qualify?
  • I want to return to my pre-injury life
  • I need funding for treatment

Theses are the questions we solve for our clients every day. Our goal is to help open the doors to your recovery.

Key’s PSW Support

Key Rehab believes that clients deserve attentive and experienced Case Management.

Our depth of knowledge means clients resources are managed responsibly.

1. Trust

After a serious injury, you need to focus on recovery. Our team take a individualized approach to case management, which means clients can trust they are getting the best treatment available.

2. Experience

Challenging case? Key Rehab has the experience you need. Expertise in Case Management takes many years to acquire. Our team understands each client’s unique situation.

3. Knowledge

The regulations around Accident Benefits are complex. We have deep knowledge of third-party benefits and get treatment funded. This means your funds are utilized effectively.

4. Attention

Details matter in accident recovery and we pay close attention to your case so you can focus on what’s most important: your health and well-being.

Personal Support

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