B.R.E. (Bachelor of Religious Education) Counseling and Theology
Case Manager

Erin Leis has been working for the past 8 years as a Case Manager, Vocational Counsellor and as a Rehabilitation Therapist. Erin has specialized in working with complex individuals who have sustained Acquired Brain Injury as well as those struggling with Addictions and Mental Health concerns. Erin values providing serious injury survivors with the best in client-centred care. She works to ensure that clients are treated with personal dignity and respect.

With her Bachelor of Religious Education Degree in Counselling and Theology,   Erin has worked in auto insurance and private sector as well as for Ministry of Health funded community service providers.  Erin has recieved additional training at OBIA/BRock University in Neurobehabioural Rehabiliation After Brain Injury.  She also obtained her Addictions Certificate from Laurier University.  Erin brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for advocacy to her Case Management role at Key Rehab.